Baby’s 15-Month Checkup?

What will happen during my toddler’s 15-month checkup?
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ByBob Sears, MD, pediatrician in private practice in Dana Point, California
Mar 2017
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At 15 months, it’s time for another well-child visit for your toddler. Like at other checkups, the pediatrician will weigh your child (most toddlers should’ve gained about one or two pounds since the first-year checkup) and measure his head and height. Your child will also have a complete physical exam. This time around, the pediatrician will pay extra attention to his eyes to look for any signs of lazy eye and to his tonsils to see if they’re too large, which could affect his breathing at night. The doctor will examine the rest of his body as well to check for any problems.

The pediatrician will probably ask certain questions about your child’s eating habits, like if he’s eating enough nutritious meals and snacks a day, if his appetite has decreased (which is normal around this age) and if he’s able to use a cup and spoon. Your doctor will also ask about your child’s sleeping habits, if his poopy diapers look normal and if there have been any digestive complications. There will probably be developmental questions too: Is he walking alone? Can he climb? Does he say at least five words? Can he hold his bottle or cup? Does he recognize familiar people and objects?

Other than the physical examination and a few questions, there aren’t any special screenings or tests done at this age. As for immunizations, it depends on your child’s vaccine schedule, but most pediatricians give boosters of shots that your toddler had when he was an infant, like the pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) and the Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib) vaccine.

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