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The Nannies of 90210 Share Their Stories

Sure, you occasionally daydream about the monetary benefits of being a Beverly Hills housewife, but have you ever considered the personal lives of the nannies who care for their kids? In what’s sure to be our newest guilty pleasure, ABC Family recently premiered Beverly Hills Nannies — a reality show chronicling the perks of being a permanent babysitter — and the newest episode airs tonight.

The (_un_scripted?) series attempts to unveil the lives of high-paid nannies in California’s most prestigious zip code. And if you thought your professional life was tough, you won’t believe what’s in the job description for these caretakers.

We’ll be following the antics of Justin Sylvester — a self-proclaimed “Ladysitter.” Justin does everything from organizing breast milk to massaging feet. He also has a hilarious knack for reinterpreting well-known nursery rhymes (our favorite is “The Itsy Bitsy Chihuahua”).

Check out Beverly Hills Nannies Wednesday nights at 9/8 central and discuss with us!

What are your thoughts on the new show? Do you have any hilarious nanny or babysitter stories?

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