Things Moms-to-Be Can’t Wait to Do Again After Pregnancy

Dreaming of eating brie and touching your toes? Fellow moms-to-be dish on what they're most excited to do again once pregnancy is over.
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By Brittany Martorella, Community Coordinator
Updated January 5, 2018
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Don’t get us wrong. We know that emotional feeling of “I can’t believe I’m growing a baby!” is just as amazing now as it was when you first found out you were expecting. Feeling baby kick, getting weekly “How Big is Baby” updates and learning about new developments at each doctor’s visit never get old. But in those moments when your pregnancy glow becomes more of a full-on sweat and you find yourself crying in the snack aisle because they’re out of those chips that you absolutely need right now, you might find yourself dreaming of all the things you’ll be able to do again after you give birth. Here, fellow moms-to-be share the things they can’t wait to do and eat after these nine months are up.

Touch My Toes

“I just wanna paint my own flippin’ toes! Gonna ask the hubby to do that today.”

Regain Balance

“I can’t wait to put on socks and boots without feeling like a balancing act (that I end up losing).”

Enjoy Hot Tubs and Hot Dogs (Not Together)

“The hot tub. God, I miss the hot tub. And hot dogs! Overcooking them at home just isn’t cutting it for me.”

Order the Extra Oozy Cheese

“I’d love a hunk of oozing French Brie on a bit of fresh baguette, without having to first read the packaging fine print to suss out whether it’s pasteurized.”

Ignite My Need For Speed

“I just want to go on the rides at theme parks. I’ve been to Disney World two times during my pregnancy and it sucks!”

Take Control of My Bladder

“I can’t wait until I’m able to stand up and not figure out if I have to pee, poop, both, or neither. The pressure when I stand up is insane.”

Do Sunday Brunch Full Justice

“I keep thinking about that first post-pregnancy brunch when I’ll eat runny eggs Benedict and drink mimosas. I’m already so excited.”

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Care for My Own Pets

“Changing the cat’s litter box myself! My hubby forgot to do it, so I had to call a friend to do it instead. So embarrassing.”

Change Sleep Positions

“I can’t wait to sleep on my stomach again and in bed with my husband normally, without 100 pillows separating us."

Order a Deli Sandwich

“All I want is a ham and cheese sandwich! I will also accept a hoagie/sub. I won’t discriminate.”

Drink a Celebratory Cocktail (or Two)

“I’m craving a s’mores martini from my favorite martini bar.”

Top Off My Coffee Cup

“I want to drink a full Starbucks coffee and not feel like I’m throwing away $6!”

Mastering My Emotions

“It’ll be so refreshing to have a conversation without crying!”

Saying Sayonara to Swollen Hands and Feet

“I’m looking forward to putting my wedding ring back on. That and being able to sit cross-legged!”

Getting Back on a Regular Schedule

“Being constipated all the time is seriously no fun. Can’t wait to poop again!”

Ordering the Sushi Boat

“I’m dreaming of yellow fin tuna rolls topped with eel and tobiko.”

Not Vomiting

“When I can safely assume I won’t throw up when brushing my teeth—that’ll be the day.”

Getting Out of Bed Without Flailing Around

“I can’t wait to get out of bed without rolling around like a turtle that got turned on its back.”

Updated November 2017

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