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Toy Storage Solutions That’ll Restore Your Sanity

Are your kids’ things taking over? Here’s how to manage the mayhem.

Keeping your children’s things tidy is a lot simpler when they’re babies doing tummy time than when they’re curious toddlers on the go. Suddenly they’re playing with and losing interest in toys, books and stuffed animals faster than you can put them away. Tired of tripping over wood blocks, finding puzzle pieces under the ottoman and digging out books from between the sofa cushions? Take back your living room (or get your playroom in order) with these easy organization tips and small storage and children’s furniture from IKEA®.

You need: A way to contain everything used at the play table

Solution: A small desk or table is a perfect place for your child to do arts and crafts, play with toys or enjoy an afternoon snack. Get one like the FLISAT children’s table with the option to add TROFAST storage boxes underneath. The storage boxes make it a cinch to keep the surface clear (which can be especially important if your playroom doubles as your family room or home office) without needing additional space elsewhere. Keeping everything your toddler will use at the table within arm’s reach can also help instill good cleanup habits—encourage your toddler to stay at the table until everything is put away.

You need: A quick way to ID toys and whom they belong to

Solution: Besides keeping kid-friendly items on lower shelves, color coding boxes and baskets by family member or type of toy will come in handy. Get a collection of bins in various shapes and sizes, and label them accordingly.

You need: A place to store books

Solution: If you line books up front to back in a bookcase, they’ll often wind up all over the floor as a child decides which one to look at. When all of the covers are visible, that indecision—and inevitable pile—is less likely. Turn a corner of the room into a reading nook and stow the books a child will flip through on their own (or choose for you to read at bedtime) in super-convenient pieces like the FLISAT book display and FLISAT wall storage.

You need: A place to keep toys accessible yet invisible

Solution: Although you want to keep things under control, having storage that’s the right height for kids is a great game plan for encouraging them to explore and try new things independently. Choose a low storage bench like one from the STUVA series so your toddler can take things out—and put them back—without your help. Another bonus of the STUVA series? It’s totally customizable, so you can build your own storage system and swap pieces in and out as your kids grow older and their needs change.

You need: A way to make cleaning up enjoyable

Solution: Set aside a few minutes within your child’s bedtime routine for a nightly cleanup. Using storage bins with wheels, like the FLISAT toy storage with castors, is a fun option for inspiring kids to take more ownership of tidying up by moving the storage bins around the room. Want to make it even more engaging? Use a stopwatch or play a favorite song to time them and see how fast it goes!

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