8 Creative Baby Food Jar Crafts

Homemade baby food is lovely in theory, but when you’re sapped from a day filled with work, on-demand nursing, tummy time, diaper explosions and maybe three minutes of alone time, the thought of turning your kitchen into a Jackson Pollock-esque disaster zone, splattered with squash puree and streaked with strained peas, is somewhat unappealing. On those days when I can’t muster the energy to whip up dinner from scratch for our baby, I turned to my best friends, Jars and Pouches. But what to do with all those leftover glass pots? Why not upcycle them into a cute Valentine’s Day art project? After all, it’s not like you have time to go shopping for your sweetie, anyway – might as well turn your trash into treasure. Try these fun projects (some of them are good for getting your older kids involved, too!):
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ByLeslie Goldman
Feb 2017
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Message in a jar

For this riff on the romantic “message in a bottle” concept, write or print out a love note or poem on a long, thin ream of paper. (The larger the font, the more your sweetheart will need to unfurl as s/he reads.) Roll it up, stash it in a decorated jar and hide it where you know s/he’ll be surprised by it

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Light up the night

Slip a votive candle into a baby food jar that’s been securely wrapped with wire. Hang a few from a fireplace mantel, a nail in the wall or use it on the table to lead a path to dinner, and light the way to a dreamy evening.

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Silly snow globe

Glue an upside-down figurine to the inside of the lid; add water and glitter, then screw shut and shake — it’s your very own snow globe!

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Happy Planter

Decorate cleans jar with ribbon or construction paper, then fill with soil and add the flower bulb of your choice to your baby jar planters. Line ‘em up on a sunny windowsill and watch them grow, turning your V Day gift into a cool at-home science experiment. When spring arrives, bring your bambino outside for some fresh air and transplant the bulbs into the soil together.

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Sweet treats

Decorate lids with circles of felt, ribbons, or other pretty material. Fill clean, dry jars with loose Valentine’s Day candy (conversation hearts, red-hots, chocolate kisses, or red and pink M&Ms) and cap.

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Sexy s’mores in a jar

For dessert, savor these delicious-looking (and surprisingly easy-to-assemble) s’mores, which require just a few minutes in the oven. Hot hot hot!

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Babymaking candles

Set the mood with homemade candles you make inside old baby food jars.

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Mmm-mini cherry pies

Just line clean baby food jars with dough, stuff with cherry pie filling, top with dough hearts and bake for a homespun little treat.

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