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Why Does My Baby Keep Pulling Tupperware Out Of Our Kitchen Cabinets?

My daughter pulls Tupperware and whatever else she can find out of our floor-level (read: baby eye-level) kitchen cabinets. She thinks it's the best game ever, but I'm starting to lose patience; how many times can you put the same stuff away in one morning?! Does she just think it’s fun because I don't?

Cleaning up messes — especially the same mess over and over — IS a huge pain. The easy solution is securing the cabinets so she can't open them by using childproof locks. But also consider this: Pulling and lifting the Tupperware is sort of like toddler weight lifting; it can help her build arm strength. (The same applies to any other objects, such as toys, that she waves around.) So, since it's a good thing, keep three or four plastic tubs in that cabinet, specifically for her to play with, but move the rest to a higher spot that she can't reach.

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