Your Baby Is 17 Weeks Old!

Once baby's able to hold his head up, it's time to start practicing sitting up. Give him support, and watch for any slumping or sliding — these are signs that he's not quite ready yet. All babies develop at their own rate, so this doesn't mean he's stunted or slow. And don't rush things! Baby will be big before you know it.
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Mar 2017
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Making raspberries
Baby’s starting to understand the significance of communication and loves talking to you in his own musical way — listen for lots of da-das, ga-gas, and raspberries. Try mimicking what he says, and see if he imitates you in return.


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[tip]  Ignore anyone who tells you that juice is good for baby — it’s not. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that fruit juice not be given to infants until six months. For now, breast milk and formula are still the only nutrients baby needs.

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