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Your Baby Is 36 Weeks Old!

Baby's getting closer to taking his first steps! You may notice him pulling himself up and walking while holding onto a couch or other sturdy object. Help him out by kneeling or standing in front of him and holding his hands while he takes a few steps. (Don't worry if you aren't seeing signs of walking yet, though — some perfectly normal and healthy babies don't start until as late as two years. Remember, all babies have their own timelines.) Make sure your cleaning supplies are all stored in high places, and move baby's mattress down to the lowest possible level in his crib.

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> Wandering eyes?
> Losing the baby weight?
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Look who's almost walking
It's normal for baby's feet to look flat and turned out and his legs bowed when he starts to take steps, but talk to your doctor if you feel like something's not right. No need to worry about shoes just yet — walking barefoot actually helps strengthen the muscles he needs.

> Make sure your home is baby-proofed
> Help baby with stranger anxiety
> Don't stress about percentiles

[tip] Before naps or bed and after lunch or a bath are all great times to read to baby — when he's relaxed, he's better able to engage.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

PHOTO: Christine Sandrock of Simply Bloom Photography / The Bump