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Your Baby Is 41 Weeks Old!

Baby talk is getting a little more interesting now that she can actually understand much of what you're saying. These days, when she cries for "mama" or "dada," she may actually knows what she means. When she asks for "baba," hand it to her and use the word "bottle." This will help her learn to pronounce words properly when she's older. By changing the tone of your voice (saying a stern "no" when she reaches for your hot cup of coffee, for example), you can also start teaching right from wrong and safe from dangerous.

Slow and steady
Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 18 months, so whether yours is cruising around on her own or still contentedly crawling, there’s no reason to worry right now.


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[tip]  Reinforcing good behavior with a smile or hug and redirecting negative behavior with a time-out is a more effective type of discipline than spanking. Physical punishment can be dangerous and may lead to violent behavior down the road.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

Photo: Christine Sandrock of Simply Bloom Photography / The Bump
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