Your Baby Is 51 Weeks Old!

Help baby continue to develop her vocabulary by asking her what she prefers — say, the yellow shirt or the blue shirt. Little things like this help her understand the differences between words. Continue pointing out and explaining things the two of you encounter, such as the number of toys in a bucket and all their different colors. While she's not speaking in full sentences yet, listening to you use them gives her verbal development a major boost.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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It’s completely natural for baby to have separation anxiety at this age. Allow her a little time to warm up to family members, friends, and babysitters before you leave her with them. You can also foster her independence by letting her explore different (baby-proofed!) rooms in your home while you check in periodically — this will help her get used to not being by your side all the time.


Give baby a transitional object
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[tip]  Don’t be concerned if baby isn’t walking by her first birthday — some babies need up to 24 months before taking those first steps. In the meantime, make sure she has plenty of safe space to practice pulling up and taking steps.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City

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