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Your Pregnancy Diet

Get the scoop on everything you should be doing now that you're pregnant — from your meal plan to your workout plan.

Now that you're pregnant, you're probably getting hit with a ton of advice on what's safe and what's off-limits — especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. A little overwhelmed by all the info? Not to worry; we're hear to clear up some of the confusion. From grocery list staples to exercise dos and don'ts, we've got a plan for how you can stay healthy for the next nine months.


***Your Four-Step Plan*

Step One: Learn the basics. Get ready for some Prenatal Nutrition 101.
> Step Two: Clean out that pantry. Read tips on what to toss and what to bulk up on.
> Step Three: Rework your grocery list. Find out what you should be adding and why.
> Step Four: Plan ahead. Get ideas for healthy meals and on-the-go snacks.



Food: What's Safe, What's Not**

>** Q:** What foods should I avoid?
> Q: How much fish should I be eating?
> Q: Can I be a vegetarian while pregnant?
> Q: How much calcium should I get?
> Q: Are soft cheese okay to eat?
> Q: Is lunch meat safe to eat?
> Q: Can I still eat seafood?



Exericise Dos and Don'ts**
> Q : Can I stick to my current workout routine?
> Q: What activities aren't safe while pregnant?
> Q: Is it safe to do Pilates while pregnant?
> Q: Is yoga safe to do during the third trimester? **

Q:** Can I lift weights while pregnant? 
> Q: Is it safe to do yoga in the first trimester? 
> Q: Can I take regular gym classes, or only prenatal ones?



Cool Tool: Pregnancy Workout Plan

**Looking for a prenatal workout plan that changes with you through each stage of your pregnancy? Look no further. Print out our easy-to-follow pregnancy workout plan, custom-made by fitness expert Tracey Mallett.

>> Download the workout


> Join the discussion: Chat with other mamas-to-be on our  health & exercise board.