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Your Pregnancy: Week 42

Hey, did you know most babies can thrive in the uterus well into month ten? Not the info you were looking for? Fear not, 98 percent of babies emerge by the end of this week. And while you wait, just be grateful you aren't an elephant (gestation period: 23 months).

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Baby's now the size of a jackfruit!**
Baby's probably doing just fine down in your womb. The extra time in utero might make her skin a little cracked and dry at birth since the vernix caseosa has already begun to shed.


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[tip]  Can't face another phone call from well-meaning family and friends? Record (okay, have your partner record) a daily pregnancy update (basically, "nope, not yet") on your answering machine, turn down the ringer, and go back to bed.

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All medical information reviewed by Dr. Geeta K. Swamy, Duke University Medical Center OB/GYN Department