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Your Toddler: Month 13

This month: WalkingWorried because your baby isn’t walking yet? Be careful what you wish for. Even some perfectly healthy tots don’t walk until they’re 18 months old, so try to enjoy her pre-walking days while they last. (You’ll be chasing her around before you know it.)

Baby today, hellion tomorrow
It’s true: Toddlerhood has arrived. And that doesn’t just mean toddling. Expect mealtime messes, new words (like “NO!”), squirmy diaper changes, and mood swings. (In case you haven’t heard, one is the new two.) But don’t worry — there are plenty of positives in store, too, like unsolicited (wet, sloppy) kisses and rocking out to your favorite tunes (who can resist a dancing baby?). About this time, rolls of pudge might start disappearing from arms and legs and weight gain will slow as your little one starts making some serious laps around the living room.


[tip]  Buy your tot good shoes. The fit, support, and lack of blisters are worth a little extra dough. Trust us.

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