Your Toddler: Month 14

This month: BitingGot a biter on your hands? Don’t worry: Biting is actually a really common phase for toddlers and won’t last too long. Since they can’t communicate emotions, particularly frustration, they bite. But you’ll find that most other parents are understanding — but do make it clear to your little one that biting isn't acceptable.
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January 30, 2017
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The teeny, tiny klutz
Whether baby is practically running or is still summoning the courage for first steps, expect frequent bumps, splats, and somersaults. Depth perception and coordination take a while. In the meantime, break out the video camera and capture the hilarity of what we like to call the “drunken sailor phase.” You might also notice bowlegs, flat feet, or baby’s toes pointing out when she walks. These are common and should disappear as the legs and feet develop and baby gets better balance. In other news, don’t be surprised if your mini-me is digging into — and emptying — everything in reach (boxes, bags, trash cans, your purse). It’s all in the name of exploration and development. Just remember to keep anything messy or dangerous out of low-lying containers.


[tip]  When baby tumbles, your reaction can have a big effect on hers. If you ignore minor falls — or even clap and say “nice one!” — you may avoid the tears and drama.

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