Your Toddler: Month 21

This month: Water SafetyExperts used to discourage official swimming lessons for toddlers under the age of four. The reason for that is they often give a false sense of security; after all, few children under that age have the muscle strength to keep themselves afloat. But now experts encourage informal swimming programs to get toddlers comfortable around water — and to teach them its dangers. So grab your suit and some floaties, mama!
March 2, 2017
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Let the good times roll
Playtime is even more entertaining as you start seeing your tot’s personal interests shine through in her toy and game choices. But don’t jump to conclusions if little Jenny likes crashing toy trucks and little Joey digs your shiny pink heels. It’s normal for gender stereotypes to blur in the name of good, clean fun. Also be warned that the wee one may find it “fun” to stick small objects — like raisins or beads — in her nose, ears, or other orifices.


[tip]  Drape a large piece of fabric over a card table, cut out a “door,” and you’ve got an instant — and cheap — indoor playhouse. If you feel like getting fancy, decorate the “house” with windows and other details.

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