Other Origin(s):British, Dutch
Meaning:Of Ann; Grace; God has favored me; Of Mary; The fifth month; Beloved; Bitterness; Drop of the sea; Of Annemiek; God is gracious
During the 1920s, Annamae's elegant and youthful glow captured many hearts! Now, its more whimsical cousin Annemie takes the stage. This feminine moniker derives from Hebrew Ann, meaning "grace" or "God has favored me." Its second element is tied to English May, Mary, and the Roman fertility goddess Maia, meaning "the fifth month," "beloved," "bitterness," and "drop of the sea." Annemie may also be a variation of Dutch Annemiek, a combination of Anna and Maria, meaning "God is gracious." Whichever speaks to baby's heritage, this name is befitting a tender little one with a gracious heart.
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