Ario is a boy's name of Spanish origin packed with steely, fearsome force. Gentle and sweet as Ario may appear, its roots within Greek myth invigorate the title with a formidable nature one would be foolish to underestimate. As a derivative of the Greek _Areios, "_warlike," Ario boasts strong ties to the God Ares and several other divine battle-ready warriors. Not satisfied with being aligned with the Greek God of courage, bloodlust, and war, Ario finds additional empowerment in the mythological figure Arion. A divinely-bred black-maned horse, Arion is known for his swiftness and heroism, having saved the life of king Adrastus. Bearing a close resemblance to the once-companion of Hercules, young Ario will have no shortage of resolve to conquer any challenge.
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