Other Origin(s):French, German
Meaning:Victory bringer; Brave bear
While not all nicknames catch on—exhibit A, Dithy for Meredith—this one has that extra cute factor that makes it utterly timeless! Berni is a gender-neutral short form with many adorable variants, including its more popular twin, Bernie. It's rooted in the Bernice, which means "victory bringer" in Greek, and the French and German name Bernard, meaning "brave bear." This beautiful nickname will instill baby with a sharp wit, a strong sense of right and wrong, and plenty of courage. As they navigate those terrific twos and their preschool years, their littlest pals will always look to them for advice and friendship. Their role model status may also be inspired by the many notable figures who bear this name. These include politician Bernie Sanders and the super smart microbiologist, Bernadette, of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.
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