Other Origin(s):German
Meaning:Ready for battle; Armored for battle
Brynhild, a girl's name with roots in Old Norse and High German, signifies that baby will always be ready to jump into action. As a variant of Brunhilda and Brunhild, Brynhild is connected to the legendary fictional figure Brynhildr in Old Norse mythology, who also appears in German as Brynhild. She is depicted as a fierce warrior and shieldmaiden of the Hlymdalir branch of the Valkyrie. This moniker comes from the Old High German brunia, meaning "armor," and hiltia, meaning "conflict," giving us the overall meaning of "ready for battle" and "armored for battle." Whether it's in the Völsunga saga or the poetic Edda rendition of Helreið Brynhildar, your little one will get a flavor of their potential as a courageous spirit.
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