Meaning:heifer; to tame; to subdue
Not one to be pigeon-holed, Demaris is a girl's name that entertains a myriad of definitions according to its Greek origins. Its most direct interpretation aligns it with the Greek damalis, meaning "heifer," which may inspire a note of dismay. Yet all is not lost! Cows were so greatly essential and desired by the ancient Greeks that they earned a pivotal place within the great myths—Hera, queen of the gods, even thought them her most sacred animal. Demaris's understated brilliance extends to the pages of the bible, where she appears as an Athenian woman who rallied behind the apostle Paul. The recording of Demaris within the bible positions her as a respected, educated woman of great standing. Perhaps this is why her name is also aligned with the Greek word damianos, which means "to tame" or "to subdue." As a feminine variation of Damian—who boasts the meaning of a "conqueror"—Demaris is not one to be taken lightly but to be worshiped accordingly.
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