Other Origin(s):Latin
Meaning:Little ardent one; Little raven; Rural, rustic
Fegan is a masculine name with Irish and Latin roots that has plenty of meanings to inspire baby. Translating to “little ardent one,” this name can be a perfect fit if you can already sense your little one’s fiery, energetic spirit. For a more moody, spooky aesthetic, Fegan can also come from the name Ó Fiacháin and the Irish word fiach, translating to “little raven.” This can make for a great choice if you want to give your little one some mysterious Edgar Allan Poe-like vibes. Fegan also acts as a respelling of Fagan or Phagan, which comes from the Latin word paganus. Thanks to its meaning of “rural” or “rustic,” this moniker can always encourage your little one to find beauty in the peaceful countryside.
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