Other Origin(s):Hungarian
Meaning:Daughter of Nusayb; She was a poetess; Of Anna or Hannah; Favor, grace; Dawn, daybreak
Hajna is a girl’s name teeming with beautiful meanings. In Arabic, it translates to "daughter of Nusayb" or "she was a poetess," after Nusaybah bint Ka'ab. Nusaybah is considered the first female warrior of Islam, making her a powerful role model for baby. In battle, she fought bravely with a sword and bow, fiercely protecting her family and the prophet Muhammad. Hajna may also be a respelling of the Hebrew names Anne or Hannah, meaning "favor," and "grace." Hajna is also a Hungarian name for girls, derived from Hajnal, with the bright and optimistic meaning of "dawn" or "daybreak," if baby fancies themselves an early riser. Whichever speaks to baby's roots, they'll have a rich heritage to guide them through thick and thin!
  • Behind the Name, Hajna, February 2020

  • Behind the Name, Hajnal, February 2020

  • Name Doctor, Hajna

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