Other Origin(s):Greek, Indian, Norse, Sanskrit
Meaning:Industrious; Prosperous; Hardworking; Goddess of speech; Earth; Channel on the left of the spine; Wooded hill
Idaa is a feminine name that is rich with origins and meanings to give your little one plenty of inspiration. A respelling of the German name Ida, it can translate to “industrious,” “prosperous,” or “hardworking,” and can encourage baby to stay ambitious and endurant throughout their life. If you prefer a more celestial tone, Idaa can give you the best of both worlds. It can come from the Sanskrit name Idā, the Hindu goddess of speech, and the Old Norse goddess Iðunn, who is said to protect magic apples and provide eternal youth. With Idaa’s Indian roots, it may also translate to “earth” or “channel on the left of the spine,” which gives you and baby the freedom to interpret it however you wish. For an extra earthy tone, Idaa can also come from the Greek name Ide. While this translates to “wooded mountain,” this can also connect your little one to the character Ide in Greek folklore, who is said to have been the nurse for the Greek God Zeus. Whether baby is more connected to the earth beneath them or is more curious about the mystical world, the name Idaa can make for a great fit.

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