Meaning:to pour; flowing water; gift from God; jasmine
A homage to the energy and style of the Jazz era, Jazzlyn is an American feminine variation of the German Jocelyn. And while the original name refers to a member of the ancient Geats, those who bear Jazzlyn are destined to forge a tribe of their own. Not one to easily conform, Jazzlyn brings a whole new spin to Jocelyn's meaning "to pour" or "flowing water." Embodying the Roaring Twenties in its very construct, Jazzlyn speaks of growth, prosperity, and fluidity—one unafraid to test the boundaries of tradition. Jazzlyn may also find its origins in the Persian Jasmine, or Yasmin, giving it the striking meaning of "gift from God." No doubt, with such a unique and provocative name, young Jazzlyn will feel every bit like a special soul.
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