Other Origin(s):Sanskrit
Meaning:Small, humble
Paulisa is a gender-neutral appellation that blends the Latin Paul with the lyrical Lisa, adopting the meanings “small” and “humble.” Paul derives from the Latin and Roman name Paulus, while Lisa stems from names like Elisabeth, Alice, Melissa, and more. Paulisa holds a cherished place in Indian culture as the name of a renowned male author in astrology who wrote the book Pauliśasiddhānta. It’s thought that his name is a Sanskrit variation of the Greek Pavlos, a form of Paul. Between Paul’s Christian association with Paul the Apostle and Lisa’s link to Hebrew Elisabeth, Paulisa is an incredibly faithful choice for parents seeking a name that aligns with their religion. From its humble and pious nature to its wisdom of celestial bodies and happenings, Paulisa has a universal charm for the little star ready to shine.

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