Other Origin(s):German, Persian, Slavic
Meaning:From the red field; Advisor; Bold, brave; Skillful; Joyful
When it comes to origins, the vast number of roots this masculine appellation could have is simply rad. Typically a British name, Rad derives from Radford or Radley, meaning “from the red field.” Rad also stems from the German rād rāt, meaning “advisor,” but Rad’s roots don’t stop there. This studly appellation also comes from the Persian rād, meaning “bold,” “brave,” and “skillful.” Rad is also beloved throughout Slavic languages from names like Radoslava and Radomira, bearing the lighthearted endearment “joyful.” Regardless of which origin you wish to draw from, this versatile title lends baby Rad a groovy name reminiscent of the 80s.
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