Meaning:Strong; Healthy
Valerien is a masculine name with Latin roots, coming from names like Valerian and Valerius. Translating to “strong” or “healthy,” this is a great way to encourage baby to strive toward being their best self. Strength and health can come in many forms for baby, whether it's in their physical muscles, powerful wit, creative spirit, or calm, logical mind. If you want to encourage your little one to discover their strengths and hone them to the best of their abilities, Valerien can definitely do the job. If you’ve got a love for Game of Thrones, this name may also have connections to the word Valyrian, the fictional language that plays a prominent role in the fantasy book series. Whether baby is honing their skills in the real world or getting happily lost in fantasy, Valerien can give them plenty of inspiration.

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