Other Origin(s):Sanskrit, Slavic
Meaning:Breeze, gentle wind; House; Temple; Spring
Vesma is a feminine name with Latin, Sanskrit, and Slavic roots, giving it plenty of meanings to inspire your bundle of joy. Coming from the Latvian name Vēsma, it can mean “breeze” or “gentle wind.” If you want to encourage baby to go with the flow of life and be as peaceful as a passing wind, Vesma can give them plenty of inspiration. Vesma also has Sanskrit connections, translating to “house” or “temple.” This can be a great way to help baby feel right at home from the very start. For an extra touch of nature, Vesma can also serve as a variant of the Slavic name Vesna, meaning “spring” or connecting baby to the Slavic goddess of spring. As baby enjoys the great outdoors, relaxing among the gentle breeze and blooming meadows, the name Vesma can help them find their safe space in the natural world.

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