5 Celebrities That You Didn’t Know Filmed These Movies Pregnant

Scarlett Johansson's recent pregnancy announcement has left many Avengers fans wondering: What's going to happen to her character, Black Widow, in the upcoming  Avengers: Age of Ultron? Since Scarlett is known to wear curve-hugging costumes in The Avengers, many are speculating how her pregnancy will be handled for the movie, since the actress is reportedly due in August, coinciding with the film's shooting dates. Whether her bump will be hidden, a stunt double will be used or filming will be pushed back is yet to be announced — but if Scarlett does film the movie while pregnant, she's not the only celebrity to do so! Some of the biggest female stars in Hollywood have not only put up with grueling filming hours and heavy period makeup and costumes — but did so while they were several months along. Read below to see if any of your favorite actresses had to sing, dance or get physical while they were pregnant. Can you believe there are so many actresses who have filmed movies while pregnant?
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ByIvy Jacobson
Associate Editor, The Knot
March 11, 2014
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Reese Witherspoon as Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair

Reese Witherspoon's elaborate (and empire-waisted) ball gowns in the 19th century classic novel's film adaptation carefully concealed her growing stomach, but the actress preferred being pregnant (with son Deacon) for the role. "I love the luminosity that pregnancy brings... it gave me much more to play with," Reese said.

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Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past

Scarlett's not the only one with a fierce role — Halle Berry's turn as Storm had lots of physical challenges that had to be toned down under the circumstances. "My ever-growing belly was posing a constant challenge!" Halle said. "What I could do was getting more limited, so the role I play is so different from what it could have been, due to my surprise pregnancy." She was pregnant with son Maceo while filming.

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Jodie Foster as Meg Altman in Panic Room

Since Jodie's role in the movie was all about having intense fight scenes, the movie's scheduling was pushed around — and lots of tank tops were worn to conceal Jodie's pregnancy with her son, Christopher.

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Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Nellie Lovett in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Helena became pregnant with her second child, daughter Nell, while filming Sweeney Todd. Luckily, dark and concealing period costumes and precise hand placement over her stomach did the trick — but that didn't help the fact that she also had to sing as well!

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Julia Roberts as herself in Ocean's Twelve

Julia may have had the easiest time handling her pregnancy in a movie with twins Hazel and Phinnaeus out of any actress — simply because she was playing herself. When Julia got pregnant, her pregnancy — twins and all — was written into the script!

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