Mom's Impression of a Baby Who ‘Can’t Find the Nip’ Goes Viral

Stanley cup in hand, Emily Vondy hilariously illustrates the occasionally maddening process of getting baby to latch.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published January 26, 2024
baby with mouth open breastfeeding
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When it comes to breastfeeding, there’s likely to be a whole range of emotions involved for both mom and baby. There’s immense happiness, sadness, frustration and sometimes some much-needed humor.

Emily Vondy, the matriarch of the Vondy family and the face of @thevondyfam on TikTok, recently shared her hilarious take on what it’s like when your newborn just “can’t find the nip to while breastfeeding.

The video opens with Vondy holding her Stanley cup and the caption, “How newborns be acting when they can’t find the nip.” Vondy, dressed in a knit cap as “Baby Vondy,” asks for something to drink because she’s thirsty. “Mom Vondy” proceeds to hand her the Stanely cup with a straw. As goes to take a sip, though, she just can’t seem to find the straw, frantically moving her head around, like baby in their search.

The clip progresses quickly, as baby Vondy yells, “For the love of god, where is it?!” “It’s in your hand!” Mom Vondy exclaims. “Have you no humanity?” baby Vondy shouts. “It’s right in front of your face!” she responds. As baby Vondy finds her hand and starts sucking it, her mom shouts, “That’s your hand!” as baby panics and mom finally breaks down and yells, “Just drink it!” As baby finally finds that straw she responds, “You need to calm down.”

Parents were quick to chime in, thanking Vondy for the laugh and sharing their own relatable stories. “The screams when they can’t find it but it’s right there spraying all over them,” joked one parent. “Or when it’s literally IN their mouth and they’re like WHERE IS IT,” added another.

“Feeding baby as I watch this… I laughed so hard she unlatched and began doing this,” wrote one mom. “My daughter will do this drama, then UNLATCH to scream at me about how offensive the whole experience was. Girlfriend,” shared another. “The @stanley_brand content we didn’t know we needed,” Frida Baby joked.

Along with the much-needed laughs, other parents noted how the struggle was indeed real, but there was hope on the horizon. “And then they become pros and can find it in the darkest night under many layers while you’re dead asleep,” commented one parent.

Let’s raise a Stanley to all the moms out on their breastfeeding journey. We promise a latch is just around the corner!

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