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Proof Baby Rather Play With Your Random Stuff Than Actual Toys

Who needs a lovey when you can play with car keys?
PUBLISHED ON 10/29/2018

No matter how many cool and innovative toys you smother your little one with, it all boils down to one thing: Baby wants what you have.

Any random and seemingly mundane object will always have more appeal to baby than her own toys. Your cell phone, car keys, sunglasses, TV remote—the list goes on and on.

A mom and Vlogger decided it was long overdue to test out this theory, sharing her “scientific” findings in a funny YouTube video titled, “Baby Toys Vs Random Things.” Throughout the clip, the mom confronts her baby with two objects—a toy and a household object—to see which catches her attention best.

In the end, the adorable baby girl opts for mom’s gizmos and gadgets six times, choosing her own toy just once. The silly scenario is one all parents can relate to, who often have to give up their own stuff to appease their curious little one.

Many have commented on the video to laugh at this undeniable part of parenthood.

“So true. Why do we even buy them,” one mom asks.

“‘Oh, this is dirtier and more interesting than my toy,’ [and then] goes in mouth! Unbelievable!,” another parent jokes.

“This baby knows what's up. My car keys are constantly ending up with my girls,” a mom commiserates.

But no matter how many times baby chooses your things over her own, every parent knows they’ll still be buying tons of fun goodies for baby. Click here for some pointers on when and what to buy.

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