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Is Beyonce Pregnant With BeyBey Number 2?

PUBLISHED ON 05/17/2013

Rumor has it that my favorite person in the universe and on the face of the entire earth is expecting BeyBey number two! E! News is reporting that the queen of all things ever created, Beyonce , is currently with child, even though B has remained tight-lipped on the family-of-three's plans to expand their brood.

If the singer is, in fact, expecting, BeyBey #2 would join big sister (and heiress to the royal Roc throne) Blue Ivy. According to E!, multiple sources have come forward to confirm the mama-to-be's exciting news. Consider my day made. Forever. For all time.

The rumors of a second baby-on-board came after the singer had to make some adjustments to her world tour schedule. Last week, she was forced to cancel a performance on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Antwerp, Belgium because her doctors advised to rest "as a result of dehydration and exhaustion."

What's more, Beyonce recently told ABC News _that she and husband, Jay Z, would like more children and she thinks her growing girl, Blue Ivy, "needs some company." Not gonna lie, when Beyonce said Blue needed a pal, I was over here like HEY! B! Adopt me! But, to be honest, I think a full-time sibling would be better. I couldn't bear the heartache of knowing I wasn't _truly the spawn of Jay and B for the rest of my life.

While they're just rumors at this point, congratulations to the happy parents-to-be if they really are expecting their second!

So, what do you think? Is Beyonce pregnant or not?

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