Moms Stage Sit-In After a Woman Was Shamed for Breastfeeding in a Restaurant

After a woman felt she was “publicly shamed,” her mom tribe came swooping in for support.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Published October 12, 2018
mom breastfeeds her baby publicly in a restaurant

Even though it’s 2018, breastfeeding in public still remains a hot-button issue.

Golda Hogan was reminded of this when she was out to dinner with her family to celebrate her birthday. After being seated at one of her go-to sushi spots, the Las Vegas mama’s son, Justice, had worked up an appetite of his own. Just moments after she began to nurse her child, the manager came over and put a napkin over the boy’s face. Needless to say, things quickly escalated.

“Moments into breastfeeding him at the table, the manager of the sushi restaurant… comes over and puts a black cloth napkin over Justice’s face. My jaw dropped,” she recounts in a Facebook post, which has already racked up more than 900 shares.

After the manager caused quite the scene, the family decided to remove themselves from the situation altogether and left.

“I feel publicly shamed by this individual/restaurant,” the nursing mom admits. “That was our go-to sushi spot for years. Now, as a result, we are no longer going to dine there. Ever.”

The mother couldn’t help but feel defeated after leaving the restaurant. “It actually felt like [the manager] had won,” Hogan confesses.

But little did she know her community would be there for support. Ride to Provide Out Spokin’ Las Vegans Bike Club, a charitable local group, got wind of the Hogan family’s restaurant experience and decided to take action. They planned a Breastfeeding is Natural Silent Sit-In set to take place next month.

“We are having a silent sit in for women’s right to breastfeed in public after a woman was humiliated in a local restaurant here in Vegas,” the Facebook event explains.

In less than 24 hours since the event was organized, 60 people have already pledged to partake, with more than 200 additional individuals who are interested in attending.

After social media responded so strongly to the incident and the sit-in, the owner of the sushi restaurant reached out to Hogan to apologize.

“She emphatically states that she and her business are pro-breastfeeding and that this is an outlying incident from an overzealous employee who misrepresented their authority,” the mom says.

For now, the Las Vegas native wants to call a “cease fire,” and hopes the sit-in next month will produce positive results for all.

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