The Family Cat Meets Baby for the First Time in Funny Viral Video

What was set up as an adorable interaction didn’t go quite as planned. Learn more about strategies for successfully preparing your pet for your newborn’s arrival here.
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January 18, 2023
cat sitting next to baby on bed at home
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Multiple studies have lauded the many benefits of pet ownership on babies. While Fido is good for your little one in the long run, the initial meeting can be stressful and rife with some difficult or funny moments.

One couple went viral recently after showing a particularly funny meeting between their family cat Fefe and their daughter Maeve. The video, which now has over 3.7 million views on TikTok, depicts an apprehensive Fefe inching over to the supportive newborn.

Once she’s gotten a whiff or two, the real humor began as Fefe dashed down the hallway away from baby and into a room where she proceeded to throw up in quite the dramatic fashion.

The quick negative reaction threw Mom, Katie, and Dad, Cayden, off guard as they both had expected a bit of a jollier greeting between the two. “In the months leading up to the birth, Fefe was obsessed with all the baby things we were bringing into the house,” Cayden, told “We’d find her jumping in the bassinet and crib. And she’s a really sweet, good-natured cat, so we were really excited about the introduction.”

But after a less-than-perfect meet cute, the new parents were a little worried about what was to come. “We knew she’d never show any aggression towards the baby, but we were concerned about how long it would take for her to warm up,” Cayden confessed.

The good news is that Fefe is feeling better now that she’s had a few months to adjust to her new sibling. “We think she was jealous and had a stress response,” Cayden shared. “It definitely took her a while to come around, but now if we’re holding Maeve on the couch, Fefe will come and sit with us now. She’s definitely made some progress.”

Experts say when it comes to preparing your furry friend for your new arrival, there are some simple steps you can take to set yourself up for a positive experience.

  • Make some noise: Get your pet used to all the unexpected sounds, from crying to loud toys that often come along with your newborn’s first few weeks.
  • Introduce smells: Try letting them sniff the new stuff you’re buying for baby (diapers, lotions, powders) to get accustomed to the new aromas.
  • Start new rules: Prep your pet for new rules, like changes to when and where they’re allowed in the house.
  • Ignore your pet sometimes: Stave off abrupt reactions from jealous pets by spending a little less time with them in the weeks leading up to baby’s arrival.
  • Bring in the babies: Inviting friends to bring over their new children may help your pets get used to having an infant around. Be sure to monitor them closely!
  • Stop bad habits now: Train your pets not to engage in potentially harmful behaviors like jumping, swatting or nibbling.
  • Visit the vet: Don’t forget to have your animals checked out by the vet before baby comes along to make sure they’re healthy and up to date on vaccinations.

For information on creating the best situation for baby and your furry friends, check out these tips on keeping baby safe around your pets and these seven do’s and don’ts for helping pets bond with baby.

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