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Couple Makes Graduation Announcement Video — but That Isn’t Their Most Exciting News (WATCH!)

PUBLISHED ON 01/03/2014

Later this year, in May, Jennika and Sam Anderson will both bask in the super adult sweetness that is college graduation. To celebrate, the two put together a "graduation surprise" video for friends and family as they begin their countdown from students to alumni at Utah State University. But what their friends and family didn't know was that the "surprise" part of their video has nothing to do with graduation and _everything _to do with another sweet little something on the way.

Jennika and Sam, who'll celebrate their third anniversary this year, are welcoming a baby in June and their way of keeping the pregnancy a surprise was to tuck it neatly inside the video. In an email interview with Huffington Post Parents, Sam said, "We have some nieces and nephews and we wanted to do a video call on Google Plus [to] watch our 'graduation' video with them and our siblings. The buildup was such that they didn't expect it. Soon we were laughing, jumping, screaming, and crying tears of joy in their kitchen. We also thought [it] would be a good keepsake and memory to hold onto that we could have for the rest of our lives."

You'll need the tissues (speaking from personal experience here!), but you'll love the video all the same. Check it out:


How did you announce your baby-to-be news?