Parents Furious After Anonymous Daycare Worker Reveals Alarming 'Secret'

This mindset is never okay.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Updated November 7, 2018
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An anonymous note from a daycare worker is gaining a lot of traction on Facebook—and not for a good reason.

“Daycare parent, how you treat me is how your child is treated. Respect and appreciation go a long way,” reads the short letter.

The picture of the message was shared on PostSecret, a blog run by Frank Warren. People worldwide mail in their deep, dark secrets to Warren, and he posts them online. Needless to say, the letter from the anonymous daycare provider left many parents feeling disturbed.

While working in a daycare center can be an exhausting and sometimes thankless job, children shouldn’t have to be caught in the crossfire. A little boy or girl can’t help it if his or her parent was unnecessarily rude on Monday morning. The note has more than 11,00 comments—many from parents who share those same sentiments.

A message from a former teacher’s aid and mom of two reads, “please, please find a different job. All kids should be treated with love and respect. Give them what you wish to receive, break the cycle, be a safe haven for them.”

“Have you thought that how you are treated is how the child is treated at home too? The kiddo has nothing to do with the attitude of the parent,” says another comment.

“I’m disgusted by this! I worked in childcare for many years and was treated poorly by some parents, and I would never take out my frustrations on their child! This makes me sad for whoever is in this person’s care. Yes, parents should treat those caring for their children with respect, but not everyone does,” a former childcare worker says.

“How many sweet kids have parents who are dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction or whatever else might make them seem rude? Those kids especially need kind adults in their life,” says another.

Perhaps said best, one comment explains, “you have an important job, and I’m sorry not everyone recognizes or appreciates you, but that happens to all of us at some point. Do not take it out on the tiny person because you can.”

Despite this unqualified daycare worker, there are actually a lot of really great daycare centers out there. Check out these go-to resources and tips to help you find a childcare provider you can trust. And be sure to learn about the best in the business when it comes to babysitting websites and apps.

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