Toddler Brutally Attacked by Child at Home Day Care

“It looks like your son was mauled by an animal.”
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Updated December 13, 2018
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When Latoye Sutter received a text message from her son’s day care worker while she was at work, like any mom, she assumed the worst. And her fears were confirmed once she was told her son, Dakota, was attacked by another child, WLOX reports.

The incident occured when the day care worker stepped out of the room for a few minutes. In that short window of time, another child used the lack of supervision as a chance to make a violent move. After hearing one of the kid’s crying, the childcare worker returned to the room to find Dakota bloodied and full of scratches on his face, according to WLOX. The attacks were so bad, a police officer on the scene told Sutter, “it looks like your son was mauled by an animal.”

Needless to say, his parents are furious.

“I will be getting justice for my son,” his father says on Facebook.

The little boy has only been going to the day care for about a month, according to Newsweek. Sutter works at night, and chose the Pooh and the Crew Daycare, which is run out of the daycare worker’s home, because it was the only local service that offered childcare after normal business hours.

The child who attacked her son was previously put out of another day care for similar behavior, according to WLOX.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health says the facility is not licensed and has not applied for license. Department of Human Services and the Mississippi State Department of Health are working with police to investigate this incident, Fox Carolina says.

It’s scary not knowing what’s going on when your kid is at day care, and you likely won’t get all the details from your little one. Here are some tips on how to know what’s happening at daycare while you aren’t there to supervise.

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