A Toddler Escaped From Daycare and Not One Person Knew

And when the daycare found out, they blamed the kid.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Updated October 10, 2018
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Dalia Castro’s worst nightmare came to life when her son escaped from his daycare. Luckily, the toddler was found unscathed, but the Texas mom took to her Facebook to share the traumatic story and her outrage at the staff from 4 Our Kids learning academy.

“Today, I received a phone call that my son had climbed under the fence in the playground, and two strangers stopped their cars and picked my son up,” the mom recounts.

Not only did the little boy break free from the yard, but he also crawled onto a busy street. Thankfully, two strangers spotted the baby before any serious accidents happened, but Castro knows this story could have had a much different ending.

“Two strangers stopped their cars [when] my son was on the street, and picked my son up… Thankfully the car that almost hit my son stopped along with another woman to help get my son back to the daycare,” Castro says.

The two strangers could have very well saved her son’s life, but the daycare seems to be downplaying the near-fatal situation. In fact, 4 Our Kids didn’t even bother to give the mom a ring to loop her in on the situation.

“I am extremely angry with this daycare. The woman that helped get my son back to safety is the one that called the cops, and 4 Our Kids learning academy did not call the cops, nor did they realize my son was not there until the two witnesses brought my son back,” she shares. “The director also failed to call me. I did not receive a call until [the police officer] arrived and demanded them to call me and inform me to go up to the daycare.”

Making matters worse, the daycare is going so far as to blame the incident on the toddler.

“They have three playgrounds, and each playground has three big holes where kids can get out… The director stated it was my 2-year-old’s fault and that it only took 45 seconds for my son to get half a mile from the daycare to the street,” Castro shares.

According to the mom, this is the second time an incident like this has happened at the daycare. The Texas woman hopes by sharing her story, it’ll prevent another dangerous situation like this from happening again.

Putting your kids in the hands of someone else can be scary, but there are many qualified daycares who will go above and beyond for your kid. Fear not, these resources will help you find the best daycare to put your mind at ease.

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