Frida Mom Launches No-Fuss Skincare Line for Moms-To-Be

The cult-favorite brand known for keeping it real has developed a new collection of products to soothe pregnancy discomforts like chafing and swelling.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Updated September 20, 2022
fridamom pregnancy skincare set
Image: Frida

Moms-to-be struggling with chafing, swelling and overstretched skin can breathe a sigh of relief. Beloved pregnancy and postpartum brand Frida Mom is bringing their real, no-nonsense approach to pregnancy-safe skincare.

Frida Mom understands the unique challenges that come with caring for your skin during pregnancy and has developed a new line of products to cater to those unique needs. Each product in the collection promises to deliver an effective formula with an effortless, mess-free application.

Plus, Frida Mom knows that safety is paramount when it comes to your pregnancy products and has crafted each dermatologist-tested formula with natural ingredients like shea butter, grape seed, vitamin E and tapioca starch.

While the new line includes five fantastic products, you can find three of our favorites below.

Leg + Foot Swell Spray

Image: Frida

Frida’s Leg + Foot Swell Spray is a prime example of how the brand has crafted each product specifically for moms-to-be. Created with menthol and squalane, this hydrating spray provides immediate cooling relief to achy muscles and swollen feet common in the third trimester. Plus, the product is designed with a 360 spray so you can get relief even when your toes become hard to reach.

Buy it: $12.99,

No-Friction Stick

Image: Frida

From boobs to thighs, Frida Mom knows the battle against chafing is a daily fight during pregnancy. The compact, mess-free No-Friction Stick is perfect for on-the-go protection. The vitamin E and tapioca starch formula glides on effortlessly, and users praise its minimalistic smell.

Buy it: $12.99,

Pregnancy Skincare Set

Image: Frida

Some things are just better together. For the complete package to target all your pregnancy skincare woes, check out Frida Mom’s Skincare Set. It contains all of their new products from the above Non-Friction Stick to the Stretch Prep Balm and Bump + Body In-Shower Lotion.

Buy it: $49.99,

To learn more about Frida Mom’s new skincare line, visit

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