Best Non-Alcoholic and Alcohol-Free Drinks for Pregnancy and Beyond

Want to enjoy a delicious beverage? Here's what to know about drinking non-alcoholic, alcohol-removed and alcohol-free drinks during pregnancy and beyond.
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Updated April 13, 2023
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During pregnancy there’s a long list of things to avoid, and alcohol is chief among them. Missing your favorite spiked drink? We’ve got good news: There’s been a recent explosion in the alcohol-free beverage industry. Gone are the days when your only choice was a sugary soda or a below-average alcohol-free beer. Now, you’ll find a variety of delightful non-alcoholic wines and spirits in your local grocery store.

But is non-alcoholic beer and other beverages actually safe for pregnant people? On a quest to answer this question, we consulted an expert to get the latest guidance. Read on for the full intel, and scroll down for our picks of the best non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy in pregnancy and beyond.

What is a Non-Alcoholic Beverage?

A non-alcoholic beverage is meant to look, taste and feel like its alcoholic counterparts.

That said, it’s important to note that non-alcoholic beverages can contain trace amounts of alcohol, typically less than 0.5 percent. “The amount of alcohol present can vary depending on the type of beverage and the method used to remove the alcohol,” explains Melissa Baker, a certified registered dietician nutritionist and contributor to FoodQueries. “Non-alcoholic beer may contain more alcohol than others, and some non-alcoholic wines may still have a small amount of alcohol due to the fermentation process.”

These drinks can be split into three categories:

  • Non-alcoholic. Products that contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) are legally considered non-alcoholic. That said, they can contain trace amounts of alcohol. Read the label and consult your doctor if you have any questions about safety.
  • Alcohol-removed. This term is typically used to describe wine-based products. Alcohol-removed wine (also known as de-alcoholized wine) is made using the same process as conventional wine to develop a full-depth of flavor. But once the fermentation process is complete, the alcohol is removed through various methods like distillation or filtration. Read labels carefully to decide if this is the right option for you.
  • Alcohol-free. These drinks have zero detectable alcohol, and are made using ingredients such as fruit juice or soda water to create a similar flavor profile to drinks with alcohol.

Can You Drink Non-Alcoholic Beverages While Pregnant?

According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), there’s no known safe amount of alcohol to consume during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause problems for baby throughout pregnancy, so it’s best to avoid alcoholic beverages if you’re expecting or even trying to conceive.

Since non-alcoholic beverages contain little to no alcohol, they can be a good alternative in pregnancy. However, the National Institutes of Health notes that, since some options can have trace amounts of alcohol, abstaining from drinking them eliminates the risk of any alcohol exposure. On the other hand, Heather Bartos, MD, an ob-gyn at Be. Women’s Health and Wellness in Frisco, Texas, says the amount of alcohol in these options would generally be considered “negligible."

Suffice it to say, consuming non-alcoholic drinks during pregnancy is a personal choice. Read the label before enjoying to evaluate the ABV of each drink, and reach out to your doctor with questions or for personalized advice. “It’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider before consuming any new food or drink during pregnancy,” reminds Baker. And if you want to avoid even trace amounts of alcohol, opt for a blend that’s labeled alcohol-free with 0.0 percent ABV.

Another important note about these beverages: Some may contain certain types of herbs, root extracts or other ingredients which could be considered unsafe during pregnancy. Again, do your due diligence, and check in with your doctor for specific recommendations.

Best Non-Alcoholic Beers for Pregnancy

Nothing pairs with pizza or a burger like a cold one, but you’ll need to swap your favorite brew for a non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy. Here are some of our favorite non-alcoholic beers you can enjoy.

Best non-alcoholic lager

If it’s a light, refreshing lager you’re after, Gruvi is the one for you. This top-rated blonde lager offers a crisp taste that’s so true to the real thing, you’ll never even miss the alcohol. Moreover, it only has 58 calories per serving. Enjoy it cold in the can, or pour it in your favorite beer stein.

ABV: 0.4 percent

Best non-alcoholic IPA

You might think the hoppy taste of an IPA couldn’t be reproduced in a non-alcoholic drink, but Run Wild IPA has accomplished the task. This beer features a blend of Northeast hops without alcohol, and offers a balanced flavor with a hint of bitterness. Run Wild pairs extremely well with spicy, flavorful food and has tons of rave reviews—so you know it's good. Enjoy this beverage chilled in the can.
ABV: 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic ale

At a mere 15 calories per can, Partake’s Blonde Ale is the summer brew you’ll enjoy during the warmer months of your pregnancy. The ale offers a light, fruity finish with a convincing frothy head when poured. A blonde ale is best served cold.
ABV: 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic stout

If you’re a fan of a full-bodied beer, reach for Gruvi’s non-alcoholic stout. Thick and rich in texture with a creamy head, it features notes of coffee and chocolate and absolutely zero alcohol. A hangover-free version of your favorite Irish brew? Sounds good to us.
ABV: 0 percent

Best Non-Alcoholic Wine for Pregnancy

Many pregnant people miss having a glass of wine with dinner. Beat the craving, and reach for a glass of one of the best non-alcoholic wines for pregnancy.

Best non-alcoholic red wine

Red Ember
Image: Proxies

You won’t miss a thing when you opt for this fruity, fiery sparkling red wine from Proxies. With notes of blackberry, blueberry and black pepper, it has a full-bodied classic red wine flavor. This wine alternative pairs well with a steak or a burger. As it’s a sparkling beverage, it’s best served chilled.
ABV: Less than 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic white wine

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling
Image: Better Rhodes

Leitz Eins have successfully delivered a delicious white wine with zero alcohol. Hooray! Crisp and fresh, it’s a convincing dupe of a traditional German Riesling, with notes of citrus and red apple. Serve chilled on a sunny day.
ABV: 0 percent

Best non-alcoholic rosé

Wander and Found Rosé
Image: Better Rhodes

Our pick for the best non-alcoholic rosé won silver in the annual PR%F awards. It has notes of citrus and ripe berries for a refreshing taste that’s not too sweet. Like all rosé wines, this one is best when chilled before serving.
ABV: Less than 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic champagne

Freixenet Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine
Image: Total Wine

Freixenet is a trusted name in non-alcoholic beverages, and this bubbly is no exception. With a light, refreshing grape taste that isn’t too sweet, this champagne is a fan favorite and contains zero alcohol. We recommend serving this bright champagne alternative chilled. For a bit of added flavor, pop in some sliced strawberries before serving.
ABV: 0 percent

Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits for Pregnancy

If spirits and liquors are more your jam, you’ll definitely need to switch to a zero-alcohol version while baby’s baking! Here, we’ve listed some of our favorite non-alcoholic spirits for pregnancy.

Best non-alcoholic whiskey

Kentucky 74
Image: Better Rhodes

This award-winning, Bourbon-inspired beverage is brought to you by a female-owned company. It goes down smooth, and is reminiscent of that oaky flavor so popular among American whiskeys. We encourage you to give it a try in your favorite whiskey-based mocktails.
ABV: Less than 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic tequila

For a virgin margarita with all the flavor of the real thing, you’ll want to select an authentic-tasting non-alcoholic tequila. This one from Ritual is a great choice. Despite having absolutely no alcohol, it was created specifically to be mixed into your favorite mocktails. Use it as a replacement for traditional tequila.
ABV: 0 percent

Best non-alcoholic rum

Clean R Spiced Rum Alternative
Image: Better Rhodes

British brand Clean Co is making waves in the non-alcoholic beverage world—and with good reason. All of the brand’s low- or no-alcohol spirits are sugar-free, low calorie and vegan. Our top pick? This spiced rum alternative that delivers a splash of caramel, dried fruit, cayenne pepper, vanilla and oak notes. The bold flavors are guaranteed to spice up any occasion.
ABV: Less than 5 percent

Best non-alcoholic gin

Gin ISH - Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative
Image: Boisson

With that signature juniper and citrus gin flavor, Boisson’s Gin-ISH offers an authentic taste. It’s perfect during pregnancy—or any time you want a drink without the regret. This vegan-friendly blend is sugar-free and delicious. Serve with a slice of lemon and tonic water over ice.
ABV: Less than 5 percent

Best non-alcoholic botanical spirit

Seedlip Garden 108 - Non-alcoholic Spirit
Image: Amazon

Botanical spirits—derived from herbs, spices and florals found in nature—are having a moment right now. And thanks to this non-alcoholic botanical spirit, you don’t have to hand over your trendy drink just because you’re expecting. This delicious spirit from Seedlip contains less than 0.5 percent alcohol and offers a crisp, refreshing taste. It’s a deliciously sophisticated non-alcoholic drink for pregnancy, with top notes of hand-picked peas and hay layered over a complex herbal base of spearmint, rosemary and thyme.
ABV: Less than 0.5 percent

Best non-alcoholic cocktail

If you miss the glitz of a Friday night cocktail, you’ll love the non-alcoholic range by Free AF. This all-natural mocktail in a can mimics the taste of an Italian aperitivo, with notes of orange and a touch of fizz. The best part? It’s totally alcohol free. It’s important to note that Free AF beverages contain a botanical extract called “afterglow” that mimics the pleasant warmth of alcohol, so check in with your doctor before trying it.
ABV: 0 percent

How We Chose the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

To decide which non-alcoholic beverages are the best options on the market, we read user reviews to get the low-down on how these products actually taste. We also did not consider anything with an ABV rating above 0.5% for safety reasons.
To make sure we’re highlighting products that are safe to consume, we spoke with a registered dietician. We also read up on safety recommendations outlined by the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health.

Interested in learning more about our editorial process? Read about how our team develops and reviews all articles here.

About the expert:

Melissa Baker, RDN, is a certified registered dietician nutritionist and contributor to FoodQueries.

Heather Bartos, MD, is an ob-gyn and the medical director of Be. Women’s Health and Wellness in Frisco, Texas. She is also the founder of The ME Spot, an online hub that aims to provide people with information on all things sex, self-care and health.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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