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This Vapor Bath Bomb Is the Perfect Parenting Hack for a Sick Kid

Because the common cold is public enemy No. 1.
PUBLISHED ON 03/07/2019

Just when you thought you completely cured Child No. 1’s ailments, no sooner do you hear sniffles and sneezes coming from your youngest. First lesson of parenting—there’s no escaping the common cold.

Or is there? Fridababy’s Vapor Bath Bombs have been getting a lot of hype from parents lately and for good reason, Romper points out. The lavender and eucalyptus-infused vapor bath bombs soothe your child after a long day of feeling under the weather. The best part, the natural product doesn't have artificial fragrances, but still fizzes to delight the senses.

Moms who swear by the product say they give their kids a bath right before bedtime and throw one of these bad boys into the tub. Its soothing elements help to give youngsters a good night’s sleep with a lot less sniffles.

At just $8, they also won’t break the bank. Keep in mind the bath bombs aren't for the whole family. They’re recommended for kids ages 2 and up, so hold off on this sick day remedy if your kiddo is still young enough to be drinking up some of the bathwater.

PHOTO: Courtesy Frida Baby