Landlord Forces Couple to Move Because They Had a Baby

Days after welcoming their baby into the world, they were told they needed a new home.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Associate Editor
Published January 29, 2019
couple is forced to pack up their stuff and move after having a baby.
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When Catherine and Alex Phipps welcomed their baby into the world, the celebrations were quickly met with hostility. Nine days after their son’s birth, their landlady told them they would need to find somewhere else to live, according to Mirror Online.

The reason? She claims she had a “bad experience” with former tenants who had a baby, resulting in thousands of dollars to refurbish the property.

The UK couple says they were never informed in the tenant agreement that they couldn’t have kids living there. In fact, the agreement stated that two children under 18 years old could live in the home.

The landlady was able to get away with it by enforcing the break clause in the agreement, which allows a tenancy to come to an end before the original end date stated. The pair could either break their contract earlier than the break clause and be released from their obligations under the agreement with no penalty, or stay in the property until the break clause was enforced.

“In the end, we decided we didn’t want to be forced out of our home, so we decided it would be best to look for somewhere else to live,” Catherine tells Mirror Online.

Making matters even worse, the mom had a hard time recuperating after giving birth and needed to make multiple trips to the hospital. Add that to the unnecessary stress of packing and house-hunting, and the new mom had a lot to handle on her plate.

Luckily, the family found a new home to make memories in, which the mom says is more baby-friendly anyway.

A lot changes when you bring a baby into the world. Perhaps the No. 1 decision weighing in on new parents’ minds is where they will raise their little one. See what WalletHub has to say about the best and worst states to raise a baby.

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