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These Breastfeeding Moms Dressed as Cats for One Very Important Reason

"We're all just a bunch of animals feeding our babes."
PUBLISHED ON 10/05/2018

Mothers know their every move will forever be subject to criticism from the mom shaming peanut gallery. And one topic people love to pass judgment on is how and where a woman chooses to breastfeed her baby.

Popular breastfeeding brand The Little Milk Bar decided it was time to take a stance. Sick and tired of Instagram continuously flagging its ads for 'sexual content,' it turned its mamas into cats.

The bold move has raised a lot of eyebrows, and called to light an important double standard we need to address. It has been stated time and time again (but what’s one more time for good measure?): Breastfeeding is natural. And it’s certainly not a provocative action to seduce others. Heck, animals breastfeed their babies too. The point being, we need society to change the way it perceives nursing moms.

That’s the idea behind The Little Milk Bar’s breastfeeding cats.

"Why is it, when people see a cat feeding her baby kittens, they tilt their head followed by the usual, 'aw so cute,' but when that mother and baby turn into humans, it all [of] the sudden changes to, 'that's gross,' 'you should do that somewhere else,' [and] 'you need to cover up,'" the company expertly points out in its caption.

It wants nursing moms to start to stand up for themselves. "Listen up mamas, you do not have to cover up, you do not have to sit in a dirty, stinky bathroom stall, you do not have to pump before you leave the house, you do not have to leave the conversation to go sit alone."

Because remember, "we're all just a bunch of animals feeding our babes."

Needless to say, lots of moms are loving this awesome campaign.

"Thank you! I am by nature a very reserved person, but my babe kind of threw me out of my comfort zone by force. I will never, ever go sit in a nasty bathroom to feed any of my babies! If anyone doesn't like it, then they can take it elsewhere," one mom writes.

"What a wonderful and funny way to raise awareness and normalize breastfeeding," praises another.

One woman’s message says it all. "Mamas should be empowered, encouraged and supported. Not shamed, not judged and not ignored."

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