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An Important PSA to Every Selfless Mom: 'You Deserve to Be You Again'

“When your life becomes beautiful and loved up but also relentless, you deserve to be you again.”
PUBLISHED ON 11/08/2018

"I used to be the wild girl...Then I had kids."

When you’re a parent to young kids, it’s more likely for pigs to fly than it is for you to allow yourself some well-earned "me" time. While it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines, just because you now have “parent” on your resume doesn’t mean you have to forget who you were before that title change happened.

Laura Mazza, blogger of Mum on the Run, shared important insight on this topic with her Facebook followers.

"I used to be the wild girl, could have four or five drinks and be dancing like no one’s watching. My feet would have been overworked so much that I’d stop feeling the pain,” she reminisces. “I didn’t worry about later or tomorrow. I had late nights and slept through mornings."

But this lifestyle wouldn’t last forever. "Then I had kids," Mazza explains.

Now, she’s traded in her fizzy drinks and high heels for cozy nights in and as much sleep as she can wrangle.

"I’m way too tired to dance. I wear practical shoes. My idea of a good night is watching Netflix in a nightgown. I have early nights and wake up before morning," she says.

And while her "heart is more full than it’s ever been," it’s easy to feel like she lost herself somewhere in the mix.

"There are still parts of the old me that I miss...Suddenly, you become someone’s mum, someone’s partner, someone who is too exhausted to enjoy life," the mom admits.

But in order to be the best mom you can be, your happiness matters too. Maybe you won’t be able to enjoy all the things you did pre-parenting, but you can still allow yourself a little time to get a taste of it.

"That’s why, when things get too much, you needn’t feel guilty for having the time to retreat from that life and become you again. When your life becomes beautiful and loved up but also relentless, you deserve to be you again," the mom advises.

Whether it’s a quick jog around the neighborhood, a girls’ night out or simply cozying up to a good book interruption-free, allow yourself this tiny pleasure.

Remember, mama, "don’t lose your spark."

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