These Are the Most Popular Baby Names Inspired by Movie Characters

Unsurprisingly, many of the names are inspired by Disney.
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March 4, 2021
Maximus character from the movie The Gladiator and Princess Leia from Star Wars.
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If you’re looking for possible naming options for baby, you may be looking to pop culture for ideas—including movies. Now, PoundToy, a U.K. based, family-operated online toy company, is looking at naming data from the past 20 years to help.

The company analyzed lists from Empire, Marvel and looked at government data from the U.K. and U.S. from 2000 to 2019 to find out which were the most popular baby names inspired by legendary movie characters.

They found that when it came to baby names, Disney was a big source of inspiration for expectant parents. Of the top 10 names for girls, six are the names of classic Disney princesses. For boys, many of the names in the top 10 feature iconic characters such as Ace Ventura and Atticus Finch.

Below, their findings for the top 10 names for boys and girls based on movie characters and how many babies were given that name.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Movies

  1. Jasmine - 132,633 girls
  2. Aurora - 45,764 girls
  3. Ariel - 36,393 girls
  4. Amélie - 22,216 girls
  5. Tiana - 15,775 girls
  6. Elsa - 11,923 girls
  7. Leia - 10,979 girls
  8. Precious - 8,245 girls
  9. Belle - 5,794 girls
  10. Coraline - 4,367 girls

Top 10 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Movies

  1. Maximus - 31,131 boys
  2. Ace - 11,209 boys
  3. Atticus - 11,178 boys
  4. Ariel - 9,085 boys
  5. Odin - 8,183 boys
  6. Forrest - 5,419 boys
  7. Rocky - 4,520 boys
  8. Anakin - 3,082 boys
  9. Neo - 2,985 boys
  10. Donnie - 2,734 boys

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