These 2021 Baby Names Are Slated to Be Most Financially Successful

The top names? Isla and Mason.
ByNehal Aggarwal
Associate Editor
August 26, 2021
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Parents-to-be think about all kinds of things when it comes to picking baby’s name—and it extends beyond what name they want to give them. Will baby excel at school? Will they be creative? What will they grow up to be? If you’re expecting baby soon and still looking for the right baby name, you might draw inspiration from a new survey conducted by popular kids brand Finn + Emma.

The brand set out to discover which most popular baby names in 2021 were slated to be high earners in the future. The survey analyzed over forty of the most popular names for boys and girls so far in 2021 and compared them to a salary tool from Adzuna. Their findings? Isla is set to be the highest future earner, with an average salary of $66,000 per year. Meanwhile for boys, Mason is slated to be the most financially successful, with an average salary of $69,000 per year.

The survey didn’t stop there, however. It also took a look at how much royal baby names were slated to earn in the future, finding that Archie was the name with the highest earning potential, with the chance to make up to $71,000 a year. Without further ado, below are the survey’s findings of the average salary for each popular baby name:

Top 20 Highest Earning Girl Baby Names of 2021

  1. Isla ($66,708)
  2. Addison ($57,285)
  3. Luna ($52,044)
  4. Willow ($49,852)
  5. Lily ($47,537)
  6. Avery ($45,738)
  7. Rylee ($43,332)
  8. Madison ($42,722)
  9. Ava ($41,503)
  10. Scarlett ($41,109)

Top 20 Highest Earning Boy Baby Names of 2021

  1. Mason ($69,539)
  2. Hudson ($68,068)
  3. Christopher ($62,062)
  4. Carter ($61,605)
  5. Isaac ($60,816)
  6. Noah ($60,572)
  7. Michael ($53,199)
  8. Logan ($53,189)
  9. Oliver ($49,045)
  10. Levi ($48,377)

Top 20 Highest Earning Royal Baby Names of 2021

  1. Archie ($71,635)
  2. Isla ($62,032)
  3. George ($51,555)
  4. Lucas ($45,539)
  5. Louis ($44,794)
  6. Lillibet ($42,537)
  7. Savannah ($40,950)
  8. Lena ($39,506)
  9. Mia ($37,251)
  10. Charlotte ($36,506)

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