National Sandwich Day: Can You Guess American Kids' Sandwich Faves?

Crust or no crust? Turkey or ham? A survey of more than 300 kids reveals the most popular sandwich preferences.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published November 3, 2022
father handing his son a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the park
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November 3 is National Sandwich Day! In celebration, fast-casual restaurant chain McAlister’s Deli surveyed over 300 children between 5 and 9 years old to find out just how they like their sandwiches made. Somewhat of sandwich aficionados, on average, the kids surveyed admitted to eating four sandwiches a week.

This is where they stood on the serious sandwich issues:

  • The most popular main event? Turkey. Even when given a wide array of fun options for making their sandwich–including cookies, pizza, and macaroni and cheese—about half of the kids stuck with what they knew and went for turkey.
  • The most popular toppings? Cheese, lettuce and french fries. Seventy-seven percent of kids said, “cheese, please,” 40 percent added lettuce, and 18 percent spiced things up with the addition of french fries.
  • White or wheat? White. Sixty-one percent of kids selected white over whole wheat or multi-grain.
  • Crust or no crust? Crust. Surprisingly, 58 percent of the children preferred their sandwich with crust. The other 42 percent liked their crustless.
  • Half or whole? Half. Most kids agreed that they like their sandwich cut in half (47 percent), 27 percent said they prefer it whole and 17 percent like it cut in triangles. No crazy shapes needed!

Whether team white or wheat, cheese or no cheese, nearly 60 percent of kids said they would do their homework and clean their room for their favorite sandwich. That’s quite the bargaining chip you can add to your pocket!

As great as sandwiches may be, sometimes you need to add something else to the mix. If your toddler isn’t just a picky sandwich maker but a picky eater, check out these tried and true ways to introduce them to new foods. Plus, this guide on healthy food for toddlers will help you find great ideas for new lunch options.

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