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This Year's Super Bowl Will Be Breastfeeding Friendly

We hope it's *kicking off* a trend.
PUBLISHED ON 02/02/2018

Whether or not you're a football fan, there's a little something for everyone to get excited about during the Super Bowl. The rivalry. The halftime show. The commericals. And at long last, the breastfeeding accommodations.

Yep, Super Bowl LII is going to be breastfeeding friendly, and it's all thanks to the same Mamava lactation pods you've probably seen at airports. The pods, which provide a comfortable, private space for moms to nurse or pump (yes, an electrical outlet is included), have made their way to over 400 locations in the last four years, from corporate offices to stadiums. In 2015, US Bank Stadium, home to the Minnesota Vikings, became the first NFL stadium to offer the pods. And now that they're hosting the Super Bowl, the big game will finally offer them too.

Photo: Mamava
Photo: Mamava

“Until now, female NFL fans attending the Super Bowl who wanted privacy for feeding have had to nurse or pump in a bathroom, or worse yet, stay home due to the lack of amenities for nursing,” says Sascha Mayer, co-founder of Mamava. “We believe that all mamas deserve a safe, clean and comfortable place to use a breast pump or breastfeed—anywhere, anytime. Mamava pods provide flexibility for facilities and easy access for moms.”

This is great news for anyone who's pumping. And if you're bringing a baby to the Super Bowl—more power to you.

PHOTO: Mamava