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Heartless Woman Shames Mom for Grieving Loss of Two Triplets: 'You Need to Get Past This'

“To the woman who called me sick because I talk about my children who died, my heart hurts for you.”
PUBLISHED ON 01/23/2019

Many would applaud Stacey Skrysak for sharing her story of loss with others. After losing two of her three triplets more than five years ago, the mom and news anchor uses her platform to raise awareness on premature birth and child loss.

Yet, someone actually had the gall to criticize Skrysak for being so open about her grief. After receiving an extremely hurtful message on social media, the mom fired back to defend herself for being an amazing parent to her surviving daughter, while also allowing herself the space to mourn their loss.

The message reads: “You need to get past this, it’s so sick. Please, please get help. It’s so sick. Your child lives in a shadow created by you. Stop, stop, stop. It’s beyond sick. I’m so sorry for you, but please stop this.”

And that wasn't the end of it. The woman continued to attack the mom for doing the exact thing that allows her to function normally—grieve.

“Lay them to rest and move on. Get therapy, but don’t drag your husband and child through this,” she says. “I’m sorry that you are so sick and debilitated by this that you don’t even see how sick you are.”

Allowing yourself to properly grieve is crucial in the healing process. What Skrysak does is totally normal and, in fact, recommended by counseling therapists—who likely have more experience in this field than the keyboard warrior who left the mom the mean note.

Quick to defend herself as a person and parent, the mom wrote a note to her accuser.

“When someone attacks my parenting, that’s not okay. To the woman who called me sick because I talk about my children who died, my heart hurts for you,” the mom says on Instagram.

Just because she openly mourns her angel babies doesn’t make her any less of a mom to her daughter. And despite the out of line allegations from the unnamed woman, Skrysak is happy and lives a fulfilled life.

“If you’ve followed my family, you would know that my life is not surrounded by grief and loss. I share the heartbreaking moments of parenting children in both heaven and earth,” she explains. “Yet, I also show the wonderful moments of raising a daughter who is remarkable. If you’ve followed me, you would know that I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. Yes, it’s possible for grief and happiness to coexist."

The mom has found a way to celebrate her living daughter, while honoring her babies who were taken too soon.

“[My daughter] will always know how special she is, and we are constantly finding ways to celebrate her, along with remembering her siblings...But I’m not going to forget that she was a triplet, and I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m a mother to two angels above.”

Because whether they are alive or guardian angels, she still learns so much from her kids.

“My children have taught me compassion, grace and kindness—all traits this cruel woman could learn from.”

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