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7 Beautifully Painted Pregnant Baby Bumps

With so many hormones running rampant during your pregnancy, sometimes you might not feel much like celebrating, but here's something everyone can definitely smile at! Painting your baby bump is a hot new trend that is popping up all over and moms and dads keep getting more and more creative when it comes to what they decorate their bump with! Check out our favorite picks this week:

Painted bumps: Totally bizarre or totally beautiful?

The Humor Machine / The Bump
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painted belly
Belly Itch Blog / The Bump
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Pumpkin-y Fun

Themed for Halloween, this pumpkin-inspired belly shot has us thinking orange!

My Belly / The Bump
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Lady Bug Wonder

How adorable is this?! A lovely lady bug just waiting to fly away.

FlickRiver / The Bump
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A Whole New World

"I've got the whole word in my arms, I've got the whole wide world in my arms..." Yes, mama-to-be, you certainly do!

Tuax / The Bump
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Mac Attack!

When it come sto a Mac or a PC, there's no doubts about what this baby will use.

Jill Stanek / The Bump
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Basketball Belly

Hope mom is ready to make way for a basketball star!

The Laughing Stork / The Bump
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Fruit of the Womb

It's not hard to see who's the apple of mom's eye...

The Humor Machine / The Bump
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Fishbowl o' Dreams

Mama's belly is a fishbowl of wonder and what cuter way to show off her growing bump?!

By Kylie McConville